Think About Web Development For the iPhone

Graph of usage of handheld devices is touching its peak. Numbers are increasing day by day. Chances of your website surfing with iPhone has increased many folds. Do you want to go a step ahead and provide website especially developed for iPhone? This is an essential measure to take for the interest of your business.

Web development for iPhone is not an easy thing. There are many constraints for website development for iPhone. The biggest one is its size. It has smaller size than desktop and iPad so it imposes many restrictions over the development and usage. Due to accelerometer orientations change frequently and it affects the view of the site too. These limitations lead to changes in many things like content, images, layout, navigation, etc.


Web development for iPhone needs its content in one column format so user can scroll it easily and can read it fast. Everything should be written to the point. Fonts must be standard means Geneva fonts. Characters must be iPhone supporting means Latin 1 character set.


There are limitations of space so avoid excessive usage of images. Scaling of image is problematic so avoid the usage of large images. Keep image size minimum. Images also increase the loading time so it is better to have well optimized images for use in website. When you use smaller images then remember its detailing. Image color must be contrasting so you can view better. Prefer images that have crisp edges when you see it in details. Use alt tags for images so it will help you in search engines as well as filling the gaps in case image is not loaded. Don’t put images on the top of the page as header because it consumes more space and downloading time. If you have image larger than screen than split it with “href” tag.


Apply rule same as the images. Never put navigation at the top. Put content headlines then content and then navigation.


Keep URLs shorter so it can fit with the iPhone screen size. Keep link anchor text of five to six characters long so pressing becomes easy.


Avoid Flash because iPhone does not support it. Avoid the nested tables because they create problems in navigations. Avoid the audio file embedding because it
increases the loading time considerably.

Cost To Make An App

Do you have actually an idea that would certainly make a great Android app? Turn that vision into a reality by partnering along with a talented Android app developer who consistently develops popular applications for the Android. After you find the right professional to develop your application, you can expect the process to run somewhat like the following:

The Android app developer will ask you question after question regarding your application. You will likely find yourself at a loss for some of the answers, but it is the developers job to make sure he or she crafts this application as close to your vision as possible. along with that said, even the smallest minutiae will be covered during the planning phase. You will be asked to provide information regarding much more than the simple functioning of the application, but likewise the aesthetics of the program, your goals for release and more.

After compiling what he or she believes to be enough data in order to start the design, the Android app developer will begin the programming process. Expect regular correspondence to still occur, as the programmer will no doubt have actually further questions regarding your vision.

A sort of prototype will be designed, and you will be asked to go through it carefully. Make note of any discrepancies and share them along with the programmer. This includes aspects that may not sound very important to you but that matter greatly, such as font size and ease of use.

Now that you have actually witnessed how to make an Android app, you could be inspired to create more. This is the feeling that you will receive when you work along with a talented Android app developer who does more than just write code. Make sure you partner along with a professional who has actually a good deal of experience and who knows the marketplace. When you finally upload that app to your phone and know that it was your idea, you want to be proud.

Developing Ios Apps On Windows 8

Migrating to Windows 8 from Android or iOS might be difficult, given the latter’s immensity in the number of Apps available on Google Play and Appstore respectively. However, the ever growing Windows Store has actually introduced a bunch of Apps which can make the transfer to Windows, an easy task and can also be a whole brand-new experience in case you are a tad bored of the Apps on Apple and Android.

The Windows 8 has actually managed to introduce a number of software apps that are unique to itself. Along with its exemplary support for touch devices, Windows 8 aims to bring Microsoft into tablets and smartphones after dominating in the PC market for a very long time. Our Pick of the 10 finest Windows 8 apps are given as follows:

1. Kindle:
The Kindle app on Windows store brings the world of publications into your palm. Moreover, you don’t even need to buy a specific tablet from Amazon to access the 1 million+ publications that are available on this platform. It also includes a feature of buying a book once and reading it everywhere.

2. Xbox Smartglass:
This revolutionary app lets your Windows device to act like second screen and smartly interact Along with your Xbox 360 and enhance the experience of your favorite video games, movies, TV shows, music and lot more.

3. Xbox Music:
Xbox Music is the direct Windows 8 competition to the magnanimous iTunes. It gives you the liberty to download various digital and MP3 tunes from its vast library of songs. It also gives you a 6 month free access to the Xbox Music Pass that allows you to stream songs from a collection of over 18 million numbers. However, it comes at a price $10/month after the 6 month period gets over.

4. Skype:
The communication services leader for PCs, Skype for Windows 8 has actually come Along with better, cleaner user interface (UI). Along with this service you have actually the luxury of video and voice calls Along with you on the go. Once you have actually signed-in, this app does not drain the device’s battery while you remain signed-in.

5. Evernote:
Evernote is the amazingly easy-to-use app that saves your notes across all your devices. For example – if you make plain note on your smartphone Along with the help of Evernote, it gets saved on your Windows 8 PC as well as on your Windows 8 tablet on its own.

6. Metro Commander:
Metro Commander is wondrous file manager which allows you to view your files and folders in Windows tiled UI way. It is very easy and convenient to navigate through it, and it also lets the user to connect directly to his/her SkyDrive account such that the user can easily work on the folders within the system on Windows’ unique user interface.

7. Facebook Messenger:
Facebook is one thing that is omnipresent across all platforms and devices. Windows 8 brings to its users the Facebook Messenger, which allows you to chat Along with all your Facebook friends even when you are not logged in.


Microsoft is adding numerous brand-new apps to its Windows Store in a bid to create a niche for itself in the market of smartphones and tablets. There are numerous other apps like Kaliber, Wikipedia, Microsoft Device Center and numerous more that can come very handy.

Become an iPhone App Developer

With smart phones becoming more and more popular, now is the time to get into the iphone app development market. Smart phones give you the ability to surf the web, check your email, listen to music or even play games. Smart phones do so many of the things people used to use laptops for that you almost don’t need a laptop anymore. Most businesses use smart phones as essential tools for a lot of their employees who travel or are out of the office a lot. It allows them to stay in touch and respond to urgent information in a more timely manner. Soon, smart phones will replace standard cell phones or even traditional land lines as the standard for personal communication.

If you have any interest at all in becoming an iphone app developer, it makes sense to get in before the market is saturated. Even though Apple has over 250,000 apps available, there are still a lot of opportunities for those wanting to get their piece of the action. All you need is a good idea and the ability to create the app.

Make sure you check back here soon. I will be posting some extremely useful information for anyone wanting the get into the iphone app development market. Everything from products reviews to useful updates on the latest trends in app development.

This Smart Phone Revolution is going to be around for awhile and you have a great opportunity to profit from it.

An App That Can Change the General Public Experience

App development is now a second choice since responsive design has overtaken its position. You just cannot think of only apps now as they have been proved to be restricted. Various apps are being made for various requirements; however, it’s time to make a hybrid app that has various functionalists. All utility bill payment apps can be integrated and then it can be transformed into one app that can help you in submitting the electricity bill, phone bills, gas bills, internet bills, house tax, and water tax and all through one single app. Hence, you will not be required to download and install different apps on your smartphone and hence, you will not be affected by the limitation of the apps that can make your life difficult. If the payment methods are being implemented as well then in that case you will be up with much better facilities. That can solve more problems in one go and you will be entertained in much better way.

All these utility bills are being related to various departments. Hence, their details are being stored on various servers since each department have various servers. If you have five departments then you are going to have five servers. However, you need to implement the e-Governance in much better manner. Server size is not limited and hence you can store trillion bytes of data on one single server. Hence electricity bills, phone bills and all details can be stored on a single server with much more easer. The
whole world can be united through technologies as it’s possible to have an app that defines the tax according to the country and then calculate the bills according to the country. Hence, you can make the payment according to your requirements and your country.

It’s rightly said that technologies are misused. In one way we always thrive for implementing globalization and localization and on other step we never implement them where it’s required. Though, these are philosophical approach and hence you need to think that when you want to rest. The present requirement is certainly the research in server technology.

Right now when we develop a web application then in that case we have to only send the request and then wait for the response. Hence you are not required to send any more data to the server. With little bit of hassles you can develop an app that can be more server friendly and make your task much better and smarter. It’s then possible to select the server and then define the HTTP module accordingly while you send the request. Once the request is being sent then you only need to wait for the response in similar manner as you made the request response for various web applications.

Various new technologies related to the Apache have come forward and that you can use in various modes to make much more powerful apps that can be friendlier and more functional. Thus, it’s possible to make much more powerful apps that work without limitations that has made the responsive website much more popular and in demand.

Emerging Technologies for App Development

Five years back, we talked on about Android and IOS for mobile application development. However, things have changed now. You are going to find so many latest technologies that is taking the center stage for developing mobile applications. We now talk of mobile websites with designs that are made out of jQuery and HTML5. JQuery mobile and HTML5 have become quite popular. The others are Android, IOS, symbian, Win 8 and Blackberry. All these have become quite popular and are being used extensively for mobile application development. there are so many technologies that are being used for each.

As an example for IOS we have titanium, Corona Unit y 3D, Sencha and PhoneGap, XCode, iPhone SDK Cocoa Touch. The most popular programming language for IOS app development ia Objective C and you will find its extensive use in all cross platform development arena. They have become quite popular these days for both Android and IOS. Lets have a look at some of the more IOS and android technologies and then we will come back to the new sensational technologies like HTML5 and jQuery Mobile.

For Android we have JSON, Android OS 1.X to 4.x, C++/C#, XML, Google SDK, Linux Kernal and Open GL/. All these have become quite popular and are being used for making various applications with cutting edge features that looks quite great on all screen sizes and on all Google devices as well as IOS apple devices. We have so many technologies that are being so extensively used these days and required for making responsive sites.

For windows phone we have windows phone SDK, Microsoft .net framework, C#.Net, JSON, Visual Studio, SQLite, ActivSync and so on. All these technologies have become quite popular and are being used by many mobile application developers these days. Use of 2D/3D graphics, DirectX/C++, HTML 5, MVC mobile have give a new dimension to the mobile application development.

However, the question did arise that which mobile app is the most suitable one these days and you need to find that definitely. Mobile apps from Android and IOS have always been popular ever since the start but we now have so many new technologies, which are being used for development of responsive websites. You can have a look at some of the recent mobile websites. Now we do have browsers like Opera mini browsers that run in mobile environment and this is threatening app world. However, apps are going to remain for ever as they are quit easy to be downloaded and install. You can install them in one click after downloading from top stores like Go ogle play, Apple App store, Amazon app store and they are going to provide you the app that you need.

However, many companies in 2014 will be coming up with mobile websites which we know as responsive website as they run well both on desktop and mobiles and infact on any screen size. You are going to find them to be a new buzz in the world of smartphones, tablets and desktop. You will find though, that app industry is also growing into a strong unit in mobile application development. You can find loads of Indian apps in sites such as

IOS Apps Every Developer Should Have

ios appsThere’s no hard and fast rule for Web and app developers and they should always be ready with their ‘toolbox’ on the go. Say you’re out on a holiday and feel like working on that app you’ve been working on for the past six months but you don’t have all your gadgets with you now. Do not fret. Your Apple iPhone is enough to get you working on your project while you are not in your comfort zone.

Here is a list of must have apps for app and web developers.

#1: C Programming Language

This is a mobile version of the c programming language and it is very useful. It has every feature that is inscribed in the PC version and now you can code on the go. This app gives options to create different files which prevent any loss of important data.

#2: Java Script Anywhere

This app has features including JavaScript, HTML and CSS editor. If you’re a programmer and have to go out for a while, this app will help you continue programming on the go. This app allows you to create projects so that you can go back to whichever assignment you want to or store them without fear of data loss.

#3: Prompt 2

Prompt 2 is an SSH Tool for your IOS device. Say you have to reboot for some reason or run a particular script; this app is perfect for both. Prompt 2 offers many features like new designs, improved security, editable clips in order to allow one touch access to the most used commands and a method to securely sync your passwords, and servers over all your iOS devices.

#4: Pythonista

If you are a beginner in the Python language or an experienced programmer, this app is perfect for you. At just $6.99, you can now learn or code in Python language in your mobile phone. New features like supports for modules, numpy, matplotlib, UI and motion have been provided and an improved GUI for building better UIs.

#5: Textastic

This is a must have text editor app for every web or app developer out there. At $8.99, this app supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 programming languages. This feature makes this app a lot more commendable among its competitors.

So next time you are stuck in a house in the middle of the forest and you feel like coding, you just need to reach for your pockets.