IOS Apps Every Developer Should Have

ios appsThere’s no hard and fast rule for Web and app developers and they should always be ready with their ‘toolbox’ on the go. Say you’re out on a holiday and feel like working on that app you’ve been working on for the past six months but you don’t have all your gadgets with you now. Do not fret. Your Apple iPhone is enough to get you working on your project while you are not in your comfort zone.

Here is a list of must have apps for app and web developers.

#1: C Programming Language

This is a mobile version of the c programming language and it is very useful. It has every feature that is inscribed in the PC version and now you can code on the go. This app gives options to create different files which prevent any loss of important data.

#2: Java Script Anywhere

This app has features including JavaScript, HTML and CSS editor. If you’re a programmer and have to go out for a while, this app will help you continue programming on the go. This app allows you to create projects so that you can go back to whichever assignment you want to or store them without fear of data loss.

#3: Prompt 2

Prompt 2 is an SSH Tool for your IOS device. Say you have to reboot for some reason or run a particular script; this app is perfect for both. Prompt 2 offers many features like new designs, improved security, editable clips in order to allow one touch access to the most used commands and a method to securely sync your passwords, and servers over all your iOS devices.

#4: Pythonista

If you are a beginner in the Python language or an experienced programmer, this app is perfect for you. At just $6.99, you can now learn or code in Python language in your mobile phone. New features like supports for modules, numpy, matplotlib, UI and motion have been provided and an improved GUI for building better UIs.

#5: Textastic

This is a must have text editor app for every web or app developer out there. At $8.99, this app supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 programming languages. This feature makes this app a lot more commendable among its competitors.

So next time you are stuck in a house in the middle of the forest and you feel like coding, you just need to reach for your pockets.